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  • COMPREHENSION (Intermediate / upper intermediate)
  • COMPREHENSION (Advanced)
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COMPREHENSION (Intermediate / upper intermediate)


COMPREHENSION (Intermediate / upper intermediate)

Ce test n’est pas pris en compte dans le total de points. Il est destiné à déceler les candidats ayant un très bon niveau.

For each dialogue choose from the list the correct answer to the question asked by the narrator


1.Man:  "My car is broken down."

Woman: "I'll pick you up."

Narrator: What does the woman imply?

2. Woman: "Looks like it's going to be a nice day."

Man: "Yes, it's about time. Spring is just around the corner."

Narrator: What does the man mean?


Man: "Chris got the highest grade point average in the biology class."

Woman: "No wonder! He's at the library everyday."

Narrator: What does the woman suggest about Chris?


Woman: "Did you take the dog for a walk? He's been in all day."

Man: "Was I supposed to?"

Narrator: What does the man imply?


Woman: "Would you mind giving me a hand at my office next week?"

Man: "No I wouldn't, what about Tuesday morning?"

Narrator: What does the man mean?